Sunday, November 13, 2011

the 'funk'

Well's been awhile.

When I first started this blog, my mind was filled with potential posts to write.  I told myself I needed to slow down because I was going to run out of things to say.  Months later and that's become quite apparent.  The truth is, though, that I've not run out of things to say, but more that the things I want to write about I am not ready to do so.  So many of the blogs that I read seem to be so happy and filled with wonderful uplifting things, but my world of late is anything but sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.  Everyone goes through the ever dreaded funk.  Perhaps it's the changing seasons, lack of daylight, stress of work...I can only hope my funk period ends soon.  And the last thing I want to do is write about pretending that everything is ok, and as I said, I'm not ready to write about the things that aren't.  Saying those things out loud is hard enough, writing them where they will forever be out there on the internet is another thing.  I even created a new blog where I thought I could actually write honest posts, but that hasn't gotten very far (and I'm having serious issues with the layout).  Maybe one day, when things are better I can share them and look back at how I got through them and how much they've changed.

I know that there are a number of fellow bloggers out there who experienced or are experiencing a similar period and came through, so I truly hope I will too.  I draw strength from them and reading about their journeys, and hope to one day be able to provide that same strength to others.  I've said that you can't change the things that happen to you, but you can change the way you let them effect you.  I need to start taking my own advice.

To those of you who have hung around, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'll be here now and again and hope real soon to have some happy thoughts (or at the very least maybe some yummy recipes to share).

{ cindie }


Jen said...

Sorry to hear that you are going through a funk. I hope things get better soon! :)

jeweliette23 said...

I know what you mean. Hang in there. Make your posts private if you need to pour out your funk.

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