Is that a treat in your hand?
About Latte
Latte is our 3 year old Morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire Terror Terrier) pup.  Her likes include sleeping, jumping, bouncing around in the backyard like a bunny, following Mommy in the kitchen in hopes something yummy drops, and just being plain old adorable.  She doesn't like the sound of doorbells, things that make more noise than her, and the vacuum.

Like her namesake, Latte is a fully caffeinated, rambunctious, spastic pup who doesn't realize she's a mere 12 lbs.  She thinks she can hang with, and intimidate, the big dogs...until they talk back to her.  Thanks to her Daddy, she also thinks she's a real little girl.

Latte came into our lives purely by happenstance when our friends were looking for a new puppy.  They were in the process of adopting Latte's brother when we saw pictures of the two remaining pups.  I always wanted a dog but the hubster (then boyfriend) was on the fence...until he saw the pictures.  He.Was.Toast.  I mean, honestly, try saying no to this:

Hi there! I'm just sitting here...being a-freaking-dorable
 Yah, that's what I thought.  And that is how Latte came to be a part of our family and our little fuzzy baby...oh and yes, the two pictures are of the same dog...her color changed drastically through the years.

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