Friday, January 13, 2012


Seriously, it's a word.  I googled means a fear of Friday the 13th.  Don't ask me how to say response will be to sound it out.
So yeah, it's Friday the 13th.  I guess according to superstition bad things are supposed to happen today.  It flurried this morning on my way in to work...but it's January and if the first snow of 2012 is 15 minutes of flurries well then I take that as a good thing.
I'm also a bit partial to today because, well it happens to be my birthday. I turn

(√576 +15)3 - (√196 +75) + 4  
what you thought I would just tell you?
So far, despite the bad luck that supposed to accompany this day, for me it's been pretty good.  I was woken up by the bleeping and blurping of my phone from text messages and a ton of FB love on my wall.  Perhaps even better, tho, is that when I stepped on the scale this morning {something I try not to do too often} it said that I lost 6lbs since last week!  That's like I was carrying a Rockhopper penguin {I googled that too} a week ago and now I'm not.
angry little rockhopper
Now I know enough that it's just water weight, but I'm still happy.  It reinforces my belief that the only thing I can do that helps me to lose weight is running combined with a sensible diet.  It's definitely helped to push my relationship with running up a few notches from flirting to seeing each other.  At this rate, we might be dating by next week!  Makes me even more excited to see what kind of results I get in February when I change my diet even more and combine it with running.  So I'm happy to report that halfway into January and I'm making good progress on my goal for the month.  Hooray!!!  
I'd say that all in all, my Friday the 13th is going pretty darned well
What's your take on Friday the 13th?  Do you suffer from frigga-whatsa-howeveryousayit-phobia?  Were you able to figure out my age?



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