Sunday, November 13, 2011

the 'funk'

Well's been awhile.

When I first started this blog, my mind was filled with potential posts to write.  I told myself I needed to slow down because I was going to run out of things to say.  Months later and that's become quite apparent.  The truth is, though, that I've not run out of things to say, but more that the things I want to write about I am not ready to do so.  So many of the blogs that I read seem to be so happy and filled with wonderful uplifting things, but my world of late is anything but sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.  Everyone goes through the ever dreaded funk.  Perhaps it's the changing seasons, lack of daylight, stress of work...I can only hope my funk period ends soon.  And the last thing I want to do is write about pretending that everything is ok, and as I said, I'm not ready to write about the things that aren't.  Saying those things out loud is hard enough, writing them where they will forever be out there on the internet is another thing.  I even created a new blog where I thought I could actually write honest posts, but that hasn't gotten very far (and I'm having serious issues with the layout).  Maybe one day, when things are better I can share them and look back at how I got through them and how much they've changed.

I know that there are a number of fellow bloggers out there who experienced or are experiencing a similar period and came through, so I truly hope I will too.  I draw strength from them and reading about their journeys, and hope to one day be able to provide that same strength to others.  I've said that you can't change the things that happen to you, but you can change the way you let them effect you.  I need to start taking my own advice.

To those of you who have hung around, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'll be here now and again and hope real soon to have some happy thoughts (or at the very least maybe some yummy recipes to share).

{ cindie }

Sunday, September 11, 2011

bittersweet anniversary

One year ago I woke up, got prettified, and put on the most expensive and beautiful article of clothing I've owned thus far in my life,

One year ago, I piled into a car with some of the most beautiful and best girls I know and drove up to where a church full of people were waiting,

One year ago, I walked the most exhilarating walk I had walked in my life,

One year ago, in front of friends and loved ones, I married the love of my life,

I walked in a Miss and out a Mrs,

Danced my first dance as a married woman,


and realized my new found 'baller' status.

...but today is not only the first anniversary of my marriage, but also the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the US and the day the towers fell.  As much as I remember this day last year, the memory of this day 10 years ago is still burned in my brain as well.  Seeing the fighter jets fly overhead campus on my way to my Cognitive Psych class.  Having my professor walk in to a crowded lecture hall and simply write on the board 'Class Cancelled' and then walk out.  Heading to the flooded computer labs at the campus center whilc crashed with the incredible influx of traffic. Going to a nearby friend's dorm to try to get to a tv.  Watching the first tower fall and feeling numb. Watching the second tower fall along with my heart and the tears.  I thought about my father, who used to work there.  I thought about my many friends, who might have loved ones who were there that day.  I thought of my roommate, who would spend the next 7 hours trying to get in touch with her brother, who thankfully was ok.  I thought about how much the skyline I so often saw and took for granted, had forever changed that morning.  And I cried for a week and a half.

I often am asked why we chose this date last year to get married, especially considering how close we are to it all.  It was a difficult decision for me, because Hubster wasn't as close to it as I was (and still am), but it all boiled down to one simple fact: Life must go on.  The horrific events that occurred 10 years ago today will be forever imprinted in our hearts and minds, but now, for us, it will also be the day that we promised our lives to each other.  It's the day we said out loud (tho not really because of the type of ceremony we had) that our love for each other is stronger than the hate that was expressed to make this a historical date.  Admittedly, I'm torn because today is the 1st anniversary of the happiest day of my life so far, but it's also the 10th anniversary of the worst.  But if I am to move on with my life, I will spend the day embracing the 10 year memory, but celebrating the first of many years of marriage to come.  So...

Happy anniversary my love.  It's been an exciting first year and I look forward to the next 100+ and growing old together.

btw...I've been absent here lately with my posting...but that's cuz I've moved over to a new site.  Come check me out my new blog.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

thursday pick me up!

Sometimes you have one of those days that makes you want to put your head through a wall.  Today was one of those days...then I found this and while it didn't make the things I want to go away, well, go away, it did manage to make me laugh so hard I snorted.

You know that auto-correct feature on phones?  Well this site captures the best 15 auto-correct fails ever. Read. Laugh. Enjoy.    

#15: Worst Day Of The Week
#14: Special Delivery
#13: That Time Of The Month
#12: Stain Remover
#11: We Need To Talk
#10: iPhone and Relationship Advice Don’t Mix
See the rest of them here.  Numbers 12 and 6 I think are my favorite.

{ cindie }

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Confession # 34

I am a water bottle junkie/snob.

Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins.  Apparently I collect water bottles.  The other night as I was putting our glassware away I struggled to find cupboard space because I have a whole shelf dedicated to re-usable water bottles....approximately 7 of them.  It's a problem...

I actually have this same bottle with a white sleeve...and yes, I want this one too.  

Probably the saddest part is, I typically will just re-use the same SmartWater bottle that I bought from some convenience store on my way to work instead of one of my 7 bottles.  I mean...isn't the point of the re-useable ones to save money and reduce waste?  Counter-intuitive me spends more money on re-useable bottles that don't get used and buys the disposable ones to re-use...I don't get me sometimes.

And then there's the other point...I am a bottled water snob.  I'll drink Poland Spring or Deer Park or some other spring water brand...but I prefer SmartWater...which is isn't even spring water, it's vapor distilled!  Add to the mix that I won't drink filtered water (which hello SmartWater is pretty much the same just fancier terminology), except for at work when I refill my disposable bottle. It's most definitely because of the labeling and the fact that I like the little characters that are on the inside of the bottle.  

You can't see but this is the one with the fish

You could probably fill that bottle with hose water and I'd drink it.

So there you have it, I am a water bottle hoarder and a bottled water snob.

Anyone else have quirky collections or bottled water preferences?  I can't be the only one!

{ cindie }

Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend recap

It's been a very busy few days in my little life...

On Wednesday evening, I was sitting in bed at 10pm when I got a text from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to the U2 concert with her in Philadelphia the next night. My response...

*blink blink* 
Huh? On a work night?

Mind you, my spontaneous side flitted out the window when I left my city life years ago.  Now I'm a too tired after work, sitting in bed reading by 10pm, asleep by 11:30 at the latest kinda gal.  Realizing how old and sad that made me sound, when the opportunity arose, after some thought, I went for it.  It was a great time...the ride down was an experience when I became co-navigator but got a phone call from Hubster at the absolute wrong time and we ended up one state further south than where we wanted to be.  Oops!

Friday was none other than Harry Potter Day!  I wasn't a fan from the start...I only recently began reading the books, but I caught the movie bug around the Half Blood Prince - that might very well be the first movie made after I started dating Hubster.  I loved the movie and kinda want to go see it again..oh...and Hubster bought me a replica of Hermoine's wand.  Before that, I was running around the house with a chopstick casting spells.  Go ahead and laugh...I'm letting my geek peek thru :)

Saturday and Sunday were spent hosting parties at our house.  Hubster is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow and we had a friend pool party on Saturday and then a family party Sunday.  Needless to say, I'm tired and partied out.  Aside from seeing friends that I haven't seen in awhile, the bonus is that we've go so much leftover food I won't need to cook for a week (which works out because this is supposed to be a HOT week).  I also got my refurbished Canon dslr camera on Saturday!  I was so excited to see the FedEx man backing into our driveway that I ran out of the house and slammed the door on my finger.  Ouch.  I kept telling Hubster it's throbbing and the fleshy part of my finger felt hard (yup, I'm that kind of patient) and he told me to ice it, but I was too preoccupied unwrapping my new toy.  Buddy was over, so he and Latte were the lucky models for my test pictures.  I'm pretty sure they were tired of the crazy lady chasing them around with a camera.  I'm planning on taking a workshop so I can learn how to take good photos.  

Here's to hoping it's a quick work week!

{ cindie }

Sunday, July 3, 2011

because it is just a dress afterall

...but it also happens to have been my wedding dress.  And I loved her.  And I still do...but for the past 10 months now she's been stored away in a bag, in a closet, in a room uninhabited.  And I'm beginning to think that maybe it's time for her to find a new home, on a new body, to be admired and photographed on another bride's big day.

hello beautiful - wedding photo by Allure West Studios

It was exactly 2 years from today that Hubster was down on one knee asking me to marry him.  Two years from today when I knew that I needed to find my beautiful, take his breath away, make him cry (which he did not but that's ok) gown to wear on my approach to becoming his wife.  And find her I did.

And now, 2 years later from knowing I needed to find her, 10 months after wearing her, I think I'm ready to let her go.  Sure, I could keep her in hopes that if I had a daughter she would want to wear her.  But that's a big if.  And, to be honest, if I were to have a daughter, I don't know that I would want to rob her from the experience of finding her own dress.  Especially when there might be someone out there now, not able to spend thousands of dollars on the dress she loves.  If I could help someone now, I'd rather do that than hold on to my dress for a big future IF. 

lovely little details

Plus, remember how I said I wanted a dslr camera?  Well I'm thinking I could use what I get for my dress and put it towards that.  But I'm still thinking.  And I'm not sure that Hubster is sold on the idea either.  There's still sentimental value attached to my dress.  It's what I wore the day we started our lives together as husband and wife.  It's the dress I wore when we promised to love each other until the day we die.'s just a dress.  Hubster and I started our lives together long before the dress and we will love each other long after the dress is gone.  So why does it feel so hard to say goodbye?

Because once I put her on some website for sale there's no going back.  The realist in me says 'do it!', the romantic, sentimental side of me says 'I don't know'.  Maybe I just need to put her on one last time before I'll be ready to say goodbye.  Maybe I just need to immortalize her in pictures and thank her for making me feel so beautiful on our wedding day.  So here goes:

Dear dress,

You are amazing.  You are beautiful.  You deserve your own photoshoots.

I fell in love with you so quickly, and have stayed in love with you ever since.  I will always love you for the way you made me feel.  You made me a bride.  You were the last thing I wore as a single woman and the first thing I wore as a wife.

wedding photo courtesy of Allure West Studios

I would love to love you and hold onto you forever, but I know that's not fair.  You deserve to make some other bride feel the way you made me feel.  You deserve to be adored and to have someone else fall in love with you.  You deserve more than living in a garment bag in a closet.  You deserve to be in photos like this

courtesy of Allure West Studios

on a new body.  And I need to let you have that.  I've never before spent the amount of money I did on you before, but I never before knew so wholeheartedly that every penny was worth it.  Thank you for the memories.  I will always love you.

What do you think I should do?  Hold on to her forever, or give her the chance to make someone else feel the way she made me feel?  I don't know if I'll ever be truly 100% ready to say goodbye, but I also know that I can't allow myself to not share her with someone else either.  Oh, and thanks for indulging my craziness in writing a letter to my wedding dress!

{ cindie }

Monday, June 27, 2011

gimmie gimme want want

Ever have one of those days where all of a sudden everything you've wanted for the past few months comes rushing back to the forefront of your consciousness and you just  But then you realize that as pretty and shiny and awesome these things are, and how happy it would make you to have them,'s just not in the budget right now. sadface.

Here's a taste of what I have been wanting to get my sticky little hands on...

not necessarily this one, but a dslr

Oh the pictures I could take...

so cute!

I'm falling in the trend and loving maxi dresses and skirts right now.  

macbook pro
I love my macbook, but despite replacing the hard drive it's still pretty slow

funny, this bag is 7x more money on the LV site

I don't really know when or why I started wanting this bag.  I'm a big advocate of not being a walking billboard/ad campaign, but for some reason this bag looks so fresh to me.  But then again, I still love my $25, I'd be perfectly happy just buying the knockoff...

That's just a few items on my wishlist.  Hopefully one day I can cross a couple of them off my list!

What's on your wishlist?

{ cindie }

Friday, June 24, 2011

puppy therapy

So I'm gonna come right out and say it, I've been a horrible blogger the past few weeks.  .

Life's been a bit hectic with work and it's hard to find the energy to do much after putting in 9 hours at the office and then another hour or two at home.  The only thing I've really been able to dedicate my time to, other than work, is running.  So at least I'm happy to say I'm in week 5 of my Cto5K program!  I'm not back at that 'in love with running' feeling I once had, but I am at that 'feel crappy if I don't do it' place...progress.

With Hubster and I working opposite schedules, it's nice to have the down time after a hectic day at work, but at the same time it sucks.  Sucks that I don't have anyone at home to hug me after a rough day.  Sucks that there's no one to rub my shoulders and tell me a funny story to help take my mind off of things.  Sucks to not have someone to eat dinner with.  Not ideal first year of marriage to say the least.

But at the same time what I do have to come home to is pretty awesome.  Walking in the door at 8pm after a rough work day is not my idea of a good time, but seeing my pup Latte, who is so excited to have mommy home that not just her tail but her whole body wags is quite possibly the best greeting I could get (oh and she's gotten over that whole 'leave a present if you're home late thing,  Last Friday, I had the pleasure of dog-sitting my in-laws' dog, Buddy, and oh let me tell you, I was in puppy heaven!  Double the love, double the kisses....stress gone.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without my pup..she's my baby, my littlest best friend, my sleeping buddy, my therapist.  She's caused me her fair share of stress as well, but when she looks up at me with her big ole coal like eyes looking all cute and rolling on her back for belly rubs, I've forgotten what she ever did to upset me.  I bet Hubster wishes he could master that trick!

And now, some puppy love:

This is Buddy, my in-laws' dog.  He's a Havanese and poodle mix.  He's a big love bug and I've nicknamed him Loaf...cuz after about 5 minutes of playing with Latte, he gets pooped out and just plops down on the floor...or in your lap...and if he makes it in your lap...well it's not yours anymore.  Don't believe's the evidence:

Yup...dead front and center.  I lost some feeling in my thighs that day.  But I loved it!

I call this Latte's 'worried grandmother' look.  I was out on the deck watering my (now dead) plants and what do I see when I turn around but this face.  I love how she's peeking our behind the curtain.  And look at that expression. dog has personality I tell you!

This last one is her 'rug slug' pose.  She does this so you try to get down as low as she is and then she pounces and slimes you with wet puppy kisses...which in this puppy mommy's opinion are divine!

Dogs...such great therapy.  Just thinking about her and her silly personality calms me now.

{ cindie }

Thursday, June 9, 2011

days I wish I worked for myself

The weather icon on my phone for today looks like this

extremely toothy happy sun

yet, instead of having one of these

while lounging in or around this

I am at least there's free AC.  Stay cool everyone!

{ cindie }

*Edit* The genius mind of my blogger friend Layla of Wish Fulfillment Every Day made a connection with my overly happy sun to Gary Busey and just because the resemblance is a bit uncanny

Busey as a happy sun

Monday, June 6, 2011

what I learned this weekend

Happy Monday!

Even tho this weekend wasn't a long weekend like the last, it was still enjoyable and I'd have to say kind of educational for me.  I made a few discoveries that I'd like to share {because, well it's Monday and who couldn't use a nice distraction?}

My dear friend, aka Twinnie transferred her CSA share to me this weekend and I got to pick my own veggies, fruits and herbs!  For those who don't know, CSA is Community Supported Agriculture and you essentially pay a membership to a local organic farm and during the spring/summer months when crops are in harvest, you go to the farm and pick your own veggies {depending on what is available/ready for harvest on that date}.  It's pure awesome and I'm seriously thinking of doing it next year.

{ via }

I got spinach, bok choy, lettuce, strawberries, snow peas, sugar snap peas and a ton of different herbs that I can't wait to use!  It felt good picking my own veggies and knowing they were free from pesticides and all that other nasty stuff.

I also learned that Chobani pomegranate greek yogurt is amazing!  For those that know me well, I am a huge fan of pomegranates.  I don't eat them often because of the work involved, but if I go to the market and I see something with a pomegranate flavor, or if I'm in a bar and they have a pomegranate cocktail on the menu I'm for certain going to get it.  And this stuff is no exception!


No doubt that I just devoured one minutes ago.

Lastly, but not least, I learned that I have some truly amazing friends {not that I didn't already know that} whose strength in some of the most difficult of times is inspiring.  I've learned that along life's path, you meet many people, some who call themselves your friends and then those who really are your friends.  While my numbers have dwindled in the past few years, it's because I've been able to distinguish who is a 'friend' and who actually is a friend.  It sucks when you make that discovery, but it's something that has to happen.  And after awhile, you start to feel better about it.  I'm a better person because of my real friends because they help me discover the person I want to be, and I can't thank them enough for that.  They've stood by and supported me through some of the most difficult times in my life, and I only hope that I've been able to do the same for them as well as they did for me.  Right now, as I type this, one of my oldest and dearest friends is dealing with the discovery that she may soon have to say goodbye to her best friend, her dog Lucy.  My heart breaks for her, her husband and their little boy.  It kills me that because of our physical distance, I can't be there to hold her and hug her and comfort her, that all I can offer are my words.  So, if you are reading this my dear friend, I love you and I'm so incredibly sorry that this is happening.  Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

{ cindie }

Sorry for the abrupt change from jolly to sad...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I got the new Anthropologie catalog in the mail today...


and have already spent too much money in my head. 

{ cindie }

Thursday, June 2, 2011

of age and underwears

Yah...I'm going there.  Apologies in advance if you are reading this and are of the male persuasion.

Recently, I did a spring clean and purge of my underwear drawer because, well...

  • there is no reason whatsoever why I should still own some of the same pairs that I had in college {we're talking 9 years ago people}
  • you know those pretty, frilly, dare-I-say-it sexy little underthings that incredibly uncomfortable to wear because they're really only meant to be worn for about 10 minutes?  Well, yeah...what are you supposed to wear for the remaining 1430 minutes in a day {yes, I had to break out the calculator for that one}
  • I had waaaay too many pairs
  • ass grew.  Period. End of story.

With my purge my collection grew ever so slightly smaller so I of course had to replenish {nulling and voiding bullet number 3 - I am completely aware of this}, and in my shopping trip I learned something about myself.  When I was in my 20's I was all about the type of underwear that Sisqo made a tribute song know what I'm talking about..I won't sing it for fear of infecting you with an earwig.  I swore that they were comfortable and didn't mind the breeze when wearing a dress or skirt {which I already established that I wear often}.  Besides, something up your butt for hours on end is so totally worth it to save from the risk of VPL right?  Yah...sure

Now that I'm in my thirties I realized I don't like having things up my butt...let me pause here to allow for 'that's what she said' and other jokes of the like..okay, composure re-established.  So yeah, no more thongs for me  Whoever it is that invented the boyshort...well holy hell {hmm oxymoron much} you are a genius!  I never before believed I could wear something that wasn't riding my crack {snicker} without it being obvious that I was wearing anything but a butt flosser.  And the best part is, they are still invisible in my yoga pants!  My ass thanks you, creator of the boyshort.

Then today, while purchasing some more of these fantastic things, I heard the voice of a woman who looked to be in her mid to late-40's ask one of the sales girls while holding up a pair of those 10 minute panties 'Do you have anything sluttier/sexier than these?'  Literally...sluttier or sexier is what she wanted.  Props to her, but um...I'm sensing a regression here.  Is it possible that in 10-15 years or so I will be that lady?  Should I have kept my 10 minute panties - I mean on the off chance that they would actually fit?  Does the life cycle of underwear really go from diapers to full coverage to thongs to something comfortable and cute then back down till you're in diapers again?!  

I'm seriously more than a little disturbed by this revelation....I think I need a corner to huddle and rock in.

{ cindie }

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a failure of epic proportions

...or let's just call it Wednesday, May 25th.

And no, I did not within 6 days of my end goal fail to fulfill my no meat challenge diet.

But for some insane reason, I thought that I would for half of the last days of my month-long meatless diet also partake in a 3 day juice detox.  You really clean my system...and cuz I'm just crazy.

So determined was I while I was researching juice detox recipes.

Ambition and glee were in my eyes when I purchased my juicer on sale and with a 20% off coupon.

Furrowed was my brow at the supermarket as I perused the produce section to pick only the best fruits and veggies for my juices.

And then I began to make juice.  Glorious juice.  I was so excited I hopped on gmail chat and sent Hubster a message that contained one word and one word only...JUICE!!! :D

I made three different yummy juices, one for breakfast, one for lunch and one as a snack.  As I lay in bed last night, I worried about how hungry I would be in the morning...but alas I woke and was excited for my juice, so off to work I went with my three bottles of juice in hand.  And I had a good feeling about the day.

Breakfast juice was good..Grapefruit & lime with mint.  Mmmm....hit the spot.  I was still excited about my juice diet and convinced that I could do it.  Went out for an appointment then came back for my lunch juice (watermelon-apple-lemon & lime)...mmm good and refreshing.  An hour or two goes by and then....oh, and then...

I'm EFFING HUNGRY!!! I don't want juice! I want food!  I want...a BURGER!

....but a burger I did not have.  I'm sticking to that one folks.

So I then talked to a friend who I refer to as Twinnie and she said 'Why don't you supplement your juice diet with a raw food diet?'  Genius!

So off I went researching raw food diet recipes with a new sense of determination.  I have rolled oats! I have raw almonds! Yeah!  This is such a great idea!

Yup, I went online looking for recipes.  For food.  To eat, not drink.  When I'm already hungry.

Suffice it to say, about 10 minutes later I had a bag of popcorn and 3 teaspoons of peanut butter because that's what I have at my desk.  Oh...and I still have a bottle of juice.  And I want an effing burger...with bacon.

{ cindie }

Sunday, May 22, 2011

SND: Pesto!

Eight more days left of my 30 day no meat diet! Truth be told, it's been difficult, but not as hard as I thought.  Perhaps I have mother nature to thank tho, since the weekends have been too rainy to bbq.  Would I have had to restrain from eating burgers cooked on the grill every weekend...well let's just say I'd either be a super grump, or I would have failed my diet.

Anyway, since starting my no meat diet there has been a serious lack of posting recipes here.  The last three SNDs didn't even make it.  So now here I am, like a bad boyfriend with a bouquet of gas station purchased roses the day after Valentine's day, with a new recipe.

This recipe features one of my favorite herbs that just so happens to be one of the most elusive things for me to grow and maintain...

Basil Pesto Penne and Meatballs

This was Hubster's bowl...mine was sad without the meatballs

For pesto sauce
- 2 cups packed basil leaves (washed and dried)
- 3 cloves garlic (quartered)
- 1/3 cup pine nuts
- 3/4 cup olive oil
- 3/4 cup parmesan cheese
- salt and pepper

For meatballs
- 3 slices of whole wheat bread (crusts removed)
- 1/4 cup milk
- 1 lb ground beef
- 3 scallions (mine were fresh from my garden! yay I can grow things!)
- 1 egg
- 1/3 cup parmesan cheese
- 1/3 cup pesto sauce
- 1/2 cup flour
- 3 TBS olive oil

For sauce
- 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth
- 1 cup light cream
- 1/3 cup parmesan cheese
- salt
- 1/4 cup basil (finely chopped)
- reserved pesto sauce
- 1 ladle-full of reserved pasta water

Let's get started shall we?

Prepare the breadcrumbs for the meatballs.  If you use pre-made breadcrumbs you can skip this step, but I prefer to make my own cuz...well it's simple.  Break up the de-crusted bread and put into a small food processor and pulse until you get fine crumbs. 

Once your bread is all crumby, transfer into a large bowl and add 1/4 cup of cold milk and combine well.  Set aside.  Unless you have more than one mini food processor, wash and dry because you'll need it again.  

Make your pesto sauce.  Again, you can always buy the pre-made stuff in the grocery store, but I prefer to make my own.  In your now clean mini food processor, combine the pine nuts and garlic and pulse until combined.  Add the basil, pulse again until a paste is formed.  Add the olive oil, cheese, a couple grinds of salt and pepper then pulse again.  Taste. 

If you're like me and you used two regular sized cloves of garlic and one huge clove, your pesto will taste a little hot.  If that happens, add a few more pine nuts and cheese and pulse.  Once you get your pesto to how you like it, set aside and start on the meatballs.

On a baking sheet, pour the flour.  Combine the ground beef with all the ingredients except for the flour (cuz you already just used it, duh) and olive oil.  Once everything is well combined, begin forming your meatballs.  After all your meatballs are formed, roll them in flour. 

In a large skillet or saucepan (or in my case my favorite dutch oven) heat the olive oil over medium high heat.  Once the oil is heated, place your meatballs in to brown.  Once browned, add the broth and cream.  Bring to a boil and then simmer to allow the meatballs to cook through and the sauce to thicken (if after 10 minutes or so your sauce is too thin for your liking, add some more cream). 

Happy meatballs swimming in yummy sauce

While the meatballs are simmering in the sauce, start cooking the pasta.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain (remember to reserve some pasta water!) and add to the meatballs and sauce.  Add the cheese and salt.  Make sure everything is well combined.  Depending on how thick/thin you like your sauce to be add some of the reserved pasta water.  Once everything is well coated, add the reserved pesto sauce and chopped basil and mix well.  Serve with an extra small sprig of basil to make it pretty and some parmesan. 

Oh...and while I was uploading the pics for this meal, I realized I never posted my recipe for Oreo truffle balls!!! Stay tuned...those will be coming this week :)

{ cindie }

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the number twelve

One dozen.
Six times two.
The square root of 144.

It's a number featured in a Christmas carole.  The number that precedes the stigmatized 'unlucky' number 13.  It's the number of months in a year.  And perhaps most importantly, it happens to be the number of days left in what seems to be to me the LONGEST.MONTH.EVER!!!!  It just so happens to be, at the time of writing this post, the number of days left of my 30 day no meat challenge. 

I'm more than halfway through and let me tell you, the last 8 days have been hard.  I was doing well up until day 10...until I realized that I still had 20 more to go.  Add to that the fact that there was one perfect grilling weekend and a Mother's Day feast thrown in there.  And I've been watching a lot of Food Network.  And I just watched an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay where it was a fried chicken throwdown.  Hubster might just come home tonight to see me rocking and shaking in a corner.  Ok, maybe not really....

12 more days.  I can totally do it!  The question is...what should my first meal be when it's over?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

running in shoes?

Well damn Blogger...glad you fixed your problems but now I'm missing comments (and when you only have a few you notice!)


Remember how excited I seemed to be when we got an elliptical?  And how I was sure it was going to help kick my butt back into gear?  Well I've been using it (not as much as I'd like) and burning calories galore, but I'm not so sure I'm seeing the results.  Since we opened our pool last week (and it is now Seattle rainy and chilly here, go figure) it made me realize that if I want to fit into the many swimmies (yes I call my bikinis swimmies) I own without feeling self conscious about my perceived problem areas I need to kick it up a notch.  So a running I will go.

Those of you who know me in the real world, outside of being in a computer (they're in the computer? - sorry I can't help the Zoolander reference), know that I used to run...a bit.  I've run two 5Ks and had aspirations of running more races.  But then I got married and figured...well hell, Hubster's stuck with me now...commence ass explosion.  But not really...I didn't plan for my butt to grow, it just did.  And that's my fault because I went from hardcore exercising before the wedding, to 'settling in' after and using excuses like, 'I'm tired', or 'well the gym isn't set up in the new house yet'. more excuses for me.  Now that the weather is nice(r) it's time.  Instead of pushing myself too hard, too fast which will result in burn-out, I'm going the way of the Couch to 5K program.  

Let's hope this gets me back to where I want to be!  Oh and my no-meat diet...I made it to day 14 when I decided that I was going to become a pescatarian for the remainder of the month.  Mmm...spicy tuna here I come! 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession #14

I'm a huge goofball.

Ok...not really a confession since it's pretty obvious.  But I'm also pretty shy upon first meeting.  My shyness and awkwardness has often been misconstrued as me being snobbish which makes me sad.  Cuz really...well I'm pretty awesome when you get to know me. 

Last week, I had a three day training/meeting for work where I was 'forced' to interact with colleagues from Europe and some that I see in the office daily.  While my awkwardness definitely hampered me from getting to know my European colleagues better, I do feel that it helped me come out of my shell with my everyday office mates.  Our off-site 'social events' were a prime opportunity for me to let my silly out...and well...silly I did get (not drunk silly..Cindie's comfortable enough to be herself silly type silly).  And you know what is awesome?  I got to know some of these people that I would see walking in the halls or sitting in meeting rooms with me better.  And they got to know me...hard working, fun loving, silly me.  Not so awkward anymore.  Not so quiet.  They got a glimpse of who I am, as I saw a bit more of who they were.  It was pretty cool.

And because I feel like a post is always better with a picture, here's one of me being me at one of our events

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Monday, May 2, 2011

a girl becomes a princess, a murderer is dead, and I got bangs

Talk about a historic weekend....well not the part about me getting bangs.  But based on the voting results of you guys, it was an unequivocally unanimous decision.  Wanna see?!!


I dunno...


It doesn't change my look up too much (I don't think Hubster even noticed) but I love them.  Definitely doesn't look like the bowl cut bangs of my youth!  Oh...and uh...I seriously must love you guys to post these ridiculously awesome pictures of me making stupid faces. like?

On a more serious note, this past weekend was truly historic.  Kate married a prince and became a Dutchess and Osama is dead.  Bless this country, bless this world!  A huge toast and thank you to the men and women of the US military forces who sacrificed time with their loved ones and their lives to search for a man who destroyed the lives of so many.  He may be just one man, but he is one less (insert expletive because I can't think of one that comes even close to describing him) in this world.  

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Monday, April 25, 2011

coming clean

So remember that 'no meat' challenge I took to?  Well I'm glad to say that I was successful in my week of no me it was hard.  Like, last day of challenge, going to a food party where two of the guests are amazing chefs from Italy who made homemade sausage and spiedini hard.  But I prevailed.  Yay me!

And remember how I was so proud of myself that I said I was going to go another week without meat?'s time to be honest.  I failed.  Like 5 hours after saying I was going to go another week ate a 1/2 lb burger with bacon failed. 

my Everest

When people asked me why I was not eating meat, I told them it was a sort of detox.  The best part was when I gave that answer to my MOH-H whilst drinking a beer.  Yeah...she totally called me out on that!  Truth is, though, now that I've gone back to my regular diet, I've noticed that my veggie diet did have an effect on my body.  See I have a number of GI issues and well, my adopted diet gave my system a much needed rest (even if only for a week).  So....

As hard as it may be for me, I am going to try to give up meat for a month.  A.WHOLE.MONTH.  wow that was hard to type I can't guarantee that I won't slip up (especially if I make it anywhere near a BonChon Chicken) but I will try.  My GI system (and I'm hoping my waistline) will be all the more better for it. 

My no meat for a month challenge won't start until May (because we just got a new grill and popping it's cherry with a veggie burger seems wrong to me) so it gives me a week to research some yummy veggie recipes.  If you know of any, please send them my way!

{ cindie }

P.S. If you haven't done it yet, check out my post below and vote on what you think of my possible new hair-do!

Friday, April 22, 2011


With Mama Nature teasing us with warmer weather, I get the itch to change things up a bit.  Brighter colored outfits, fun spring-y colored nails, and perhaps a new hair-do.  I recently was watching a you-tube instructional video on eye makeup and developed instant hair envy.  Impulsive monster that I am, I was ready to call up my salon and make an appointment...but then I thought...what if only I think it would look good?  So then I figured...why not ask you, my trusted readers what you think?!  So without further adieu...

Here's a picture of my hair as it is now, after a long day at work

and here's a picture of what I'm thinking of doing...

Drastic right? Lol...

I used bobby pins to make some above the eyebrow grazing bangs.  It probably only looks like I just tucked my hair behind my ears.  Here's a picture of what I was trying to go for...

screen shot of this chick's youtube tutorial

Usually when I get bangs cut they aren't so thick (I moved the part in my hair quite a bit) and are longer, so I'm afraid of going short and reliving the horror days of when my Mom cut my bangs so I looked something like this

oh the horror

I know it's just hair and my hair grows like weeds, but changing one's hair can drastically change your whole look, which is why I'm hesitant.  So I turn to you guys...whatcha think?

or leave me a comment below on what you think I should do instead!

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