Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Confession # 34

I am a water bottle junkie/snob.

Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins.  Apparently I collect water bottles.  The other night as I was putting our glassware away I struggled to find cupboard space because I have a whole shelf dedicated to re-usable water bottles....approximately 7 of them.  It's a problem...

I actually have this same bottle with a white sleeve...and yes, I want this one too.  

Probably the saddest part is, I typically will just re-use the same SmartWater bottle that I bought from some convenience store on my way to work instead of one of my 7 bottles.  I mean...isn't the point of the re-useable ones to save money and reduce waste?  Counter-intuitive me spends more money on re-useable bottles that don't get used and buys the disposable ones to re-use...I don't get me sometimes.

And then there's the other point...I am a bottled water snob.  I'll drink Poland Spring or Deer Park or some other spring water brand...but I prefer SmartWater...which is isn't even spring water, it's vapor distilled!  Add to the mix that I won't drink filtered water (which hello SmartWater is pretty much the same just fancier terminology), except for at work when I refill my disposable bottle. It's most definitely because of the labeling and the fact that I like the little characters that are on the inside of the bottle.  

You can't see but this is the one with the fish

You could probably fill that bottle with hose water and I'd drink it.

So there you have it, I am a water bottle hoarder and a bottled water snob.

Anyone else have quirky collections or bottled water preferences?  I can't be the only one!

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Layla said...

I'm a total SmartWater junkie. I'm trying to break the habit right now but it's just so AMAZZZZING. It really, really is!

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