Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend recap

It's been a very busy few days in my little life...

On Wednesday evening, I was sitting in bed at 10pm when I got a text from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to the U2 concert with her in Philadelphia the next night. My response...

*blink blink* 
Huh? On a work night?

Mind you, my spontaneous side flitted out the window when I left my city life years ago.  Now I'm a too tired after work, sitting in bed reading by 10pm, asleep by 11:30 at the latest kinda gal.  Realizing how old and sad that made me sound, when the opportunity arose, after some thought, I went for it.  It was a great time...the ride down was an experience when I became co-navigator but got a phone call from Hubster at the absolute wrong time and we ended up one state further south than where we wanted to be.  Oops!

Friday was none other than Harry Potter Day!  I wasn't a fan from the start...I only recently began reading the books, but I caught the movie bug around the Half Blood Prince - that might very well be the first movie made after I started dating Hubster.  I loved the movie and kinda want to go see it again..oh...and Hubster bought me a replica of Hermoine's wand.  Before that, I was running around the house with a chopstick casting spells.  Go ahead and laugh...I'm letting my geek peek thru :)

Saturday and Sunday were spent hosting parties at our house.  Hubster is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow and we had a friend pool party on Saturday and then a family party Sunday.  Needless to say, I'm tired and partied out.  Aside from seeing friends that I haven't seen in awhile, the bonus is that we've go so much leftover food I won't need to cook for a week (which works out because this is supposed to be a HOT week).  I also got my refurbished Canon dslr camera on Saturday!  I was so excited to see the FedEx man backing into our driveway that I ran out of the house and slammed the door on my finger.  Ouch.  I kept telling Hubster it's throbbing and the fleshy part of my finger felt hard (yup, I'm that kind of patient) and he told me to ice it, but I was too preoccupied unwrapping my new toy.  Buddy was over, so he and Latte were the lucky models for my test pictures.  I'm pretty sure they were tired of the crazy lady chasing them around with a camera.  I'm planning on taking a workshop so I can learn how to take good photos.  

Here's to hoping it's a quick work week!

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