Who's falling

Hi there!  I'm just your average 30-something career gal who's a little bit impulsive, extremely clumsy (hence the 'falling' theme), and quite kooky.  Oh and I lurve shoes (but what girl doesn't?!).  I try to not take life too seriously and see the humor in the things life throws in my direction.  As I often say, you can't control the things life puts in front of you, but you can always change the way you let it affect you.  So if life gives you lemons...well then you've got 1/4 of the ingredients to make limoncello for a good martini!


I'm Jersey born and lived for a brief stint in Maine, only to return to my roots in NJ to attend Rutgers.  After graduating I boomeranged back to my parents house before moving out on my own to a great apartment just outside the City.  I've lived in 5 of the 21 counties of the state and think I just might have settled into my last one.  Why?  Because of this guy here...

Yah...he's a rockstar

I met my now husband (heretofore known as The Hubs, Hubster, Mr. Hubbard or HB) when I was 27 and partially on impulse but mostly for love, moved out of my apartment to the suburbs of Central NJ.  That.Was.Hard.  But after time, with the help of my love, my puppy, and new friends, I was able to embrace my new surroundings and channel my passion into something else...cooking!

I puffy heart love the feeling of trying out a new recipe, tweaking it to add my personal touch, and ending up with successful results.  What's even better is creating my own recipes.  Cooking to me is the perfect way to end a stressful day.  Having someone to cook for and enjoy the meal makes it even better.  If I won the lotto, I'd quit my job, go to culinary school and just cook...yeah...I'm that hardcore.  Alas...I probably won't win the lotto...and that's ok (i suppose).

Hubster and I got hitched last September 

Wedding Photo by Allure West Studios

and bought a house in December.  Now we're just enjoying a little downtime before starting out on the next chapter in our lives.