Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession #14

I'm a huge goofball.

Ok...not really a confession since it's pretty obvious.  But I'm also pretty shy upon first meeting.  My shyness and awkwardness has often been misconstrued as me being snobbish which makes me sad.  Cuz really...well I'm pretty awesome when you get to know me. 

Last week, I had a three day training/meeting for work where I was 'forced' to interact with colleagues from Europe and some that I see in the office daily.  While my awkwardness definitely hampered me from getting to know my European colleagues better, I do feel that it helped me come out of my shell with my everyday office mates.  Our off-site 'social events' were a prime opportunity for me to let my silly out...and well...silly I did get (not drunk silly..Cindie's comfortable enough to be herself silly type silly).  And you know what is awesome?  I got to know some of these people that I would see walking in the halls or sitting in meeting rooms with me better.  And they got to know me...hard working, fun loving, silly me.  Not so awkward anymore.  Not so quiet.  They got a glimpse of who I am, as I saw a bit more of who they were.  It was pretty cool.

And because I feel like a post is always better with a picture, here's one of me being me at one of our events

{ cindie }


Layla said...

I'm the same way! I come off as a snob because I'm so quiet at first, but once people actually know me I'm ridiculous and won't shut up.

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