Monday, May 2, 2011

a girl becomes a princess, a murderer is dead, and I got bangs

Talk about a historic weekend....well not the part about me getting bangs.  But based on the voting results of you guys, it was an unequivocally unanimous decision.  Wanna see?!!


I dunno...


It doesn't change my look up too much (I don't think Hubster even noticed) but I love them.  Definitely doesn't look like the bowl cut bangs of my youth!  Oh...and uh...I seriously must love you guys to post these ridiculously awesome pictures of me making stupid faces. like?

On a more serious note, this past weekend was truly historic.  Kate married a prince and became a Dutchess and Osama is dead.  Bless this country, bless this world!  A huge toast and thank you to the men and women of the US military forces who sacrificed time with their loved ones and their lives to search for a man who destroyed the lives of so many.  He may be just one man, but he is one less (insert expletive because I can't think of one that comes even close to describing him) in this world.  

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Layla said...

I agree, wholeheartedly. I'm actually kind of ticked at all of the hippie sentiment of how no one deserves to die. Yup, exactly. If getting rid of one insane maniac saves more lives, I'm all for it. Because none of the thousands of people that were ruthlessly killed because of him deserved to die. Unbelievable. Also, your bangs look GREAT!

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