Friday, June 24, 2011

puppy therapy

So I'm gonna come right out and say it, I've been a horrible blogger the past few weeks.  .

Life's been a bit hectic with work and it's hard to find the energy to do much after putting in 9 hours at the office and then another hour or two at home.  The only thing I've really been able to dedicate my time to, other than work, is running.  So at least I'm happy to say I'm in week 5 of my Cto5K program!  I'm not back at that 'in love with running' feeling I once had, but I am at that 'feel crappy if I don't do it' place...progress.

With Hubster and I working opposite schedules, it's nice to have the down time after a hectic day at work, but at the same time it sucks.  Sucks that I don't have anyone at home to hug me after a rough day.  Sucks that there's no one to rub my shoulders and tell me a funny story to help take my mind off of things.  Sucks to not have someone to eat dinner with.  Not ideal first year of marriage to say the least.

But at the same time what I do have to come home to is pretty awesome.  Walking in the door at 8pm after a rough work day is not my idea of a good time, but seeing my pup Latte, who is so excited to have mommy home that not just her tail but her whole body wags is quite possibly the best greeting I could get (oh and she's gotten over that whole 'leave a present if you're home late thing,  Last Friday, I had the pleasure of dog-sitting my in-laws' dog, Buddy, and oh let me tell you, I was in puppy heaven!  Double the love, double the kisses....stress gone.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without my pup..she's my baby, my littlest best friend, my sleeping buddy, my therapist.  She's caused me her fair share of stress as well, but when she looks up at me with her big ole coal like eyes looking all cute and rolling on her back for belly rubs, I've forgotten what she ever did to upset me.  I bet Hubster wishes he could master that trick!

And now, some puppy love:

This is Buddy, my in-laws' dog.  He's a Havanese and poodle mix.  He's a big love bug and I've nicknamed him Loaf...cuz after about 5 minutes of playing with Latte, he gets pooped out and just plops down on the floor...or in your lap...and if he makes it in your lap...well it's not yours anymore.  Don't believe's the evidence:

Yup...dead front and center.  I lost some feeling in my thighs that day.  But I loved it!

I call this Latte's 'worried grandmother' look.  I was out on the deck watering my (now dead) plants and what do I see when I turn around but this face.  I love how she's peeking our behind the curtain.  And look at that expression. dog has personality I tell you!

This last one is her 'rug slug' pose.  She does this so you try to get down as low as she is and then she pounces and slimes you with wet puppy kisses...which in this puppy mommy's opinion are divine!

Dogs...such great therapy.  Just thinking about her and her silly personality calms me now.

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