Wednesday, April 6, 2011

stinky butt pup...don't get her mad

Meet the many faces and names of Latte

a/k/a Bad Puppy

I remember when I was just a young pup in old Russia

a/k/a Monster

and...Stinky Butt Pup

What a sweetie she looks like, right?


Stinky up there has a tendency to get a little vindictive at times.  See...I'm convinced that she can tell time.  Like read clocks (if I could prove that I'd be a millionaire).  She knows that Mommy usually comes home anywhere from between 6-7 pm.  If Mommy is not home by 7pm at the latest...'s poop

...there's a present waiting for her.  Now you're probably thinking...aww...well she's been holding it for about 5 hours, of course she has to go!

Yah...not so much...because (and here's where the vindictive part comes) when I am home on time and we go out for a walk....

She doesn't poop!
 Never...never ever...never ever ever

In fact, her last poop of the day is when Daddy walks her before leaving for work.  Unless Mommy is late that is.  So suffice it to say, she has successfully taught Mommy...come home on time, or clean up my poop...Biatch!

Honestly...what can I say? My dog is brilliant...and as proof (and because she's too damn cute)

just getting some work done on Mommy's computer

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