Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i has a sad

Day three of my no meat week challenge and I'm doing good.

Sure I may have eyed up the turkey sandwich that one of the docs I work with was eating for lunch, and maybe I had two brownies and a cookie...but I didn't give in, and I'm proud of myself so far.  I even turned down an offer to get Chipotle for lunch...Chipotle people.  Read my review of Chipotle on Yelp...go ahead and then you'll understand how hard that was for me.  Anyway...

so...as I said before, I has a sad.  Remember my big green bowl that I eat ramen out of?  You know the one I wrote about here.  Well it's my absolute favorite bowl and I don't eat my ramen out of any other bowl.  If it's in the dishwasher waiting to be washed and I'm having my guilty pleasure meal, I'll take it out and wash it just so I can use it.  I.love.that.bowl. (is that weird?) Well, tonight I was pre-washing the dishes to wash them in the dishwasher (what's the point!) and...

I broke my bowl (it still hurts just having to write that)

I'm quite upset about it.  I don't think my ramen will ever really taste the same again.  Goodbye big green bowl.  You served as quite the vessel for many a very high sodium meal.  And you will be missed.

To make myself feel better, I am going to post a pic of some bunnies out at the bar.

and a drunk bunny drowning its broken bowl sorrows in some Jack & Ginger

{cindie }

wow..did I really just blog about a bowl and drunken bunnies?  I think I'm suffering meat withdrawl...


Layla said...

:( No!!!!! I feel your pain.

I broke my favorite (no longer made) coffee cup. :( It was definitely one of a kind, I've never seen anything like it before so I can't really replace it. I dropped it one day and had to act all nonchalant about it at the time but I seriously moped for a good month. Coffee does not taste the same in anything else. I feel ya!

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