Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in another life, I was meant to be a spy

...or something else cool like that.

I base this primarily on the fact that I love tv shows about hot female double agents (working for the good guys) who get the crap beat out of them by big burly guys twice their size but still end up taking down said big burly guys.  You know...shows like Alias and now Nikita.  If you've ever seen Alias before and watch Nikita now, it's pretty obvious that the shows share many almost too perhaps the Nikita writers watched Alias one night and well just figured it's been about 4 years, no one will notice.  Well this girl did...I consider this the start of my sleuthing and proof that I can be a good detective/agent.  That or I just watch too much tv.  Let's take a gander shall we?

Alias follows Sydney Bristow (played by Jennifer Garner) who is an agent for the super evil 'black-ops division of the CIA' SD-6.  But really, she's a double agent for the CIA.  Her fiance, Danny was murdered by SD-6 when they found out she told him she was a spy.


Nikita (played by Maggie Q) was an agent of the black-ops government sanctioned Division that started out good but now is bad.  She went rogue when her fiance Daniel (hmm...) was murdered by Division when they realized that she was having a relationship with a civilian.  Big no-no.


Sydney's CIA handler was Michael Vaugh (played by Michael Vartan) and the two had a little sumthin sumthin goin on

Hellooooo nurse!

Nikita's handler when she was in Division was Michael (played by Shane West).  They two had a little bow-chicka-wow-wow going on.  Michael was tasked with hunting down Nikita when she went rogue and they've reconnected in the bow-chicka-wow way.

You can chase me any day, everyday

The plot of both shows is essentially the operative (in the case of Nikita she has a mole at Division she trained and essentially placed there) goes on a mission to retrieve something that the big evil boss guy wants, but ends up either not getting it due to some complication in the operation, or gets but it's corrupted.  Both shows are probably loosely based on the French film Nikita (well Nikita is actually definitely based off of it).  In both shows, every episode features our heroines packing some serious heat and kicking some big time butt.  They're strong ass hot chicks who don't want to kill you, but will if they have to.  Either way, I love them both...well except for post Season 3 of just got bad.  Please Nikita...don't do the same.  I need my spy shows to learn how to be one of them (who said you can't learn anything from watching tv) or at least to live out my dreams of being one of them.

And if I had to choose who I'd be....tho I love Sydney (it's the name I used to use at bars because it's close to my name without actually being my name) I'd have to go with Nikita.  She's got an awesome wardrobe and killer shoes.  And I kind of think her Michael is hotter than Sydney's.  Not that I would kick either of them out of bed...I mean if I wasn't with Hubster that is.

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