Friday, April 1, 2011

it's fools

yes, yes it's April Fools day

and yes, it's snowing here in the Northeast...which means my Facebook feed is full of statuses like

'Mother Nature sure played an April Fool's prank on us!'
'Looks like Pucsatawny Phil got us good'

Then I thought...hmmm what would be a good April Fools prank for me to pull?

What if I googled 'Ultrasound pictures' and changed my profile pic to one?  Brilliant, no?!

!!  I'd have to think about the repercussions:
  1. I'm already on serious babywatch...I mean seriously...I can't even say the words 'nausea, maternity, or baby' without people's eyes traveling down to my stomach area.  You'd think I'm like the lead actress in Dogma who will be carrying the second coming of Jesus.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about our European colleagues and how much vacation time they get...and I mentioned in France how much maternity leave they get.  My eavesdropping officemate then turns to me 10 minutes later and says 'So I guess a congratulations is in order?' and pats her stomach...really? I've developed a running list of words I cannot use in public
  2. I have family members who are my FB friends who would probably then call my mom who doesn't understand the concept of April Fools pranks and who has been waiting for me to be pregnant since 2004.  I'd then have to spend the next few hours explaining that I'm not pregnant and that it wasn't funny and that I'm sorry for making her think I was.  I'd also then have to get pregnant in the next couple weeks to make it up to her.
  3. Hubster would probably ask who's child it was
  4. It would only seem funny to me...for like a minute
So Happy April Fools!  Oh and just to clarify...

I'm NOT pregnant! .....yet....

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