Thursday, March 31, 2011

the day after hump day means...

I'm lazy and un-imaginative.  And so ready for the day after the day after hump day.  What were you expecting me to say? 

In the blog-o-sphere there's a thingy (yes I said thingy because my brain hurts that much to come up with a better word) going around and I decided to hop on the wagon.  I'm pretty sure this has made its rounds on Facebook too...

the ABCs of me

A - Age: 31...but that's only my physical age...mentally I think sometimes I'm a bit stunted

B - Bed size: King...just enough room for Latte to sleep horizontally in the middle and Hubster and I to get the edges of the bed.

C - Chore you hate: washing dishes...I blame this on my mother.  Love you Mom!

D - Dogs: can you forget her?

E - Essential start to your day:  does hitting the snooze button 4 times count? no? ok then showering I guess.  It's a way I can multitask...get ready for work while sleeping standing up.

F - Favorite Color: green or yellow...right now it's a color that makes me think of spring and warm weather

G - Gold or Silver: just looks better with my skin tone.  Although I prefer the value of gold

H - Height: sans shoes 5'2".  With shoes, add anywhere from an inch to 4.

I - Instruments you play: I took piano lessons when I was really young then I stopped when my piano teacher moved.  Then I played the flute in middle school and stopped when I realized that I wasn't as good at it as I thought I was. 

J - Job title: clinical trial manager/hopeful lotto jackpot winner

K - Kids: remember this?  Not just yet.  But I'm hoping when we do have them, they've figured out a way to make it so that they come out tiny and once they are out and hit the air they 'poof!' plump up.  Scroll on down to 'N' and take a gander at one of my nicknames...I'm screwed.

L - Live: Stockton, NJ (or is it Sergentsville...I dunno)...too far from NY and too close to PA for my liking...but it's where I call home and it's cool

M - My mom's name: Mommy

N - Nickname: technically Cindie is a nickname (points if you know my real name!) but otherwise, Lala, BabyBigHead (because of the enormity of my noggin) and of course there's these.  I wish I could say Hubster calls me SexyMcCutiePants or something like that but no...I get BabyBigHead. FML

O - Overnight hospital stay: When I was in the 4th grade I had to stay in the hospital for a week because of my asthma.  I think I thought it was cool because my class made me 'Get Well' cards, then they (the doctors, not my classmates) had to stick a thermometer in my butt to read my temperature because of my breathing problems and I didn't think it was cool anymore...what? TMI?

P - Pet Peeve:  Fork spokes down in the dishwasher, toilet paper rolled under not over, water puddles around the sink, PA drivers, people who yawn loudly in public, leg shakers, people who can't park, people who drive in between lanes, when people don't use blinkers, when people who use blinkers don't turn their blinkers off after changing lanes...are you or aren't you moving over?!, when wiper blades don't get turned off when there's no more I sounding neurotic yet?

Q - Quote from a movie: What is this? A center for ants?

I actually own this tshirt and it's awesome

R-  Right/Lefty: Righty

S - Sibling: An older brother.  He's awesome

T - Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 6:35...I get out of bed 20 minutes later...if I'm feeling daring...30 minutes.  Yah I'm a rebel

U - Underwear:  bloomers.  The kind that Strawberry Shortcake wears.  Not really but I think it would be kind of awesome if I did.  I don't think Hubster would share the sentiment tho.


V - Veggies you dislike:'s a texture thing.  Oh and those potato impersonating sweet 'potatoes'...and lima beans.

W - What makes you run late: usually it stems from my love of sleep but often it's my indecision on what to wear

X - Xrays you've had: Hmmm...teeth, knees, hip (hip! seriously?! how many 31 year olds have had a hip x-ray?) but thankfully never a broken bone...knock on wood

Y - Yummy food you make: what isn't yummy? oh the SND fail from two weeks ago...otherwise I think most of what I make is pretty yummy

Z - Zoo animal: Giraffe!!!  I just love them!

why hello there!

and turtles...mainly because of this kid

{ cindie }


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