Friday, March 4, 2011

hello internets! this thing on? (taps imaginary microphone in my mind)

Oh, hi there world wide web, nice to meet you and welcome!  A few weeks ago I was reading some of my favorite blogs and impulsively said to myself 'I can want to do this!' and now here I am.

Here I am!  I did say I'm a bit goofy right?'re probably wondering...what's with the name?  Well, in a sentiment that will be repeated multiple times, I'm a bit of a clutz.  At my staggering height (5'2" barefoot), one would think I'd have somewhat good balance considering my low center of gravity.  No.Such.Luck.  On the plus side, I've fallen so many times that I am able to recover swiftly and with such grace that I'm probably up before you even realize I went down...with some exceptions.  

And then there's the shoes.  I was once given the nickname by a random classmate 'The Girl with the Cute Shoes'.  I don't remember who you are that said it, but I love you.  Ever since, the nickname kind of stuck (if only in my heart and head) and I felt obliged to continue wearing the cute shoes to live up to the name.  You see, I don't just love shoes...I huge fluffy puffy heart lurve shoes.  When I got engaged, the first thing I did was look for shoes.  I probably had my shoes a good 3 months before I even went dress shopping...and oh boy..they were purdy.

Wedding Photo by Allure West Studios

Wedding Photo by Allure West Studio
Hello lovelies

You see, for me, pants are hemmed with particular shoes in mind and outfits are planned based on what's going on my feet.  I don't own a pair of Louboutins, Blahniks, or Choos but I can dream.  I love shoes, but I also love not paying more for shoes than I would a car payment.  Plus...the hubster would probably have me committed.  In fact, one time he made me promise that if he bought me two pairs of shoes in one outing that I couldn't buy another pair of shoes for 6 months.  I agreed...and probably made it to about month 4 before admitting defeat.


Ok, enough about shoes.  What's all this blogging about?  You see, other than shoes and my proclivity for falling, I like food and fashion.  So I wanted to create a space to share those passions.  So join me as I make my first foray into the blogging world sharing recipe successes and failures, life's comedic mishaps, general ramblings in my head (and I have a large head), and more.  I'm hoping it will be a fun ride, or at the very least a nice little distraction in the day.

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Little Payal said...

LOVE your blog! You were born to do this! At one point I remember I thought I can do this. But I guess I didn't want it enough to actually go through with it. But you are doing it! And doing it so well. Love it and I can't wait to see more...

Cindie said...

Thanks girl! I'm having a blast doing it :). I'd say you should go for it, but I'm sure finding the time would be hard with Raina...but it would be so cute to make a Raina blog!

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