Saturday, March 19, 2011

confession # 86

I decided the other day that I wanted to start a series called 'Confessions'.  I thought it might be a fun way to reveal a little something about myself that my readers might not know.  I'll try to post one confession a week and depending on what you guys think I'll keep it going.

So without further adieu....

Confession # 86

I get really excited by the dumbest things.

For instance, years ago when gas prices were at an all time low of under $1 a gallon, I was driving with a friend when I all of a sudden let out this screech of delight....because I found a gas station where gas was 97 cents.

Then there's the time I was going with Hubster to watch a hockey game from his father's company's suite.  It was pretty amazing being there because I never experienced any venue from the comfy cushioned seats of a suite.  But what I was most excited for and couldn't stop talking about (and maybe lost a couple winks of sleep over)  up until we got there.......eating chicken fingers (which sadly there were none)

Or the other day, when a friend (also known as Twinnie) and I were on our way to Wegman's for lunch.  She was driving and I'm pretty sure we were midst conversation when I looked out the window and all of a sudden squealed

before realizing that I did so out loud and not in my head where it was supposed to occur.

... yeah, um...I'm 31.  One can only wonder what I was like as a child....

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