Monday, March 7, 2011

let's get dressed

I have a confession.

I love dresses.  I love dresses with pockets.  I almost love dresses with pockets more than I love shoes.  Almost.  Hubster finds my obsession with pockets cute.  I mean, even my nightgown has know, so I have a place to hold my spare change and lip gloss when I go to bed (duhr).

My newest dress...with pockets! the way, if you are a reader of this blog and work with me...I'm most likely wearing this dress by the time you read this.

At least three out of the five days of the work week you will find me in a dress with pockets.  Partly because they are so cute, but mostly because it takes the guesswork out of having to pair your tops and bottoms cohesively.  Also...pants tend to cover my feet, hence covering the shoes (double duhr).

Today, whilst perusing the interwebs, I discovered a new site that sells dresses to obsess over.  It's called Shabby Apple.  They sell gorgeous dresses to fit specific body types.  It even has this survey of 3 questions to help determine your body type and what would look best on you.  The best part, is that they donate a percentage of their sales to help women in India.  Hmmm...I swear I'm not getting paid for this, I just love what I've seen on their site.  I mean how adorable are these?

why yes, I usually wear this awesome dress when I go on nature hikes and pose infront of trees
I'm so cute...frolicking amongst a bunch of bare trees

Ignore the loaf of bread I'm awkwardly holding near my crotch area and admire my cute dress with pockets

I would totally pair the red stripe top one with a skinny muted yellow belt and open toe slingbacks...or maybe teal!

Since I did just get a new dress (on sale!), I'll have to hold off on purchasing anything new, but I definitely can see myself getting something from this site one day.

Any great online shopping sites that you'd like to share? And do you love dresses with pockets?!

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