Thursday, March 17, 2011

oh yeah, I'm not in my 20's anymore...or...time to get my lazy ass off the couch

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Since it's a workday and unacceptable for me to go to work drunk (or is it?) I'm celebrating by wearing green.  Yah..I know. LAME


You know how people tell you that when you're planning a wedding try not to diet too much because you'll loose weight due to stress?  It's so true.  At our wedding, I lost so much weight the week of, my dress was falling off at times.  It's the best diet a girl could ask for really.

So where are those people after the wedding to tell you that you'll most likely gain that weight back...and then some!

Since our September wedding, I've put on a whopping 15 pounds. Fifteen.  Granted, that's only 5 pounds more than I weighed before the whole wedding planning process began but it's also the most I've ever gained in a 6 month span.  I partially blame the awesome all-inclusive honeymoon we went on as well as marital bliss, but the truth is, I can only blame myself.  And my love of food. And wine. And beer. Oh and I think I might have a small degree of Prader Willi Syndrome (that or I'm just a glutton looking for a scapegoat).

Rather than throw myself a pity party I decided something had to change.  I won't join a gym again because we all know how that works out and I sadly have not been using the gym at work nearly as much as I should.  I was doing P90x for a bit, but then my urge to punch Tony Horton in the face grew stronger than my yearn to be cut like 'Pam the Blam'.  I don't believe in dieting...I believe in moderation.  And truth is, when I'm hungry...I can get crabby.  You remember the SNL Gap skit with Chris Farley?  

Yah...that pretty much sums it up.  And anyone else notice the name of the girl Farley plays? Coincidence? Hmm...
Now don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm fat...I'm just out of shape and not nearly as toned as I used to be.  I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that I love and can't afford to replace.  And my pants feel tight some days...which is often why I prefer to wear dresses.  Ok, so I won't join a gym, I don't use the gym at work (cuz I spend enough time at the office already), I want to punch Tony Horton, and I won't diet.  Sounds like a good fitness plan, no? No.  Enter solution

Fat Blaster!!!

Yup, we bought a brand new shiny elliptical trainer.  I've used it four times already and burn an average of 600 calories each time!  I'm not going to turn this blog into a fitness one, but I will update you on my progress to a more-fit me.  Just knowing that I'll check in every now and again will help keep me on the right path.

Bring it on summer, I'm ready for you!

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