Friday, March 11, 2011

thursday night special

*Edit: I started writing this post yesterday evening and woke at 2am Friday morning to learn about the tragedy in Japan.  My heart breaks for all those affected by this disaster.  I personally do not know anyone in the area, but if you do, I pray that they are ok.  Tsunami warnings are still in effect for the Pacific so please stay safe.  
I debated publishing this post in light of what occurred, but decided that it was too important not to capture the emotions that were felt before these horrific events (not that what I did was important, but my joy).  Terrible things happen around the globe daily, and if we don't allow ourselves to be happy about the things in our lives (whether great or small) than life will be pretty glum.    

What in the world could possibly elicit an insanely ridonkulous reaction such as this?

Simple...three things:
  1. It was a Jersey Shore night (what?! I delight in the mindless dribble of these people...let's not try to fool each other that you don't enjoy it too)
  2. A rarity occurred.  Hubster was able to go in to work early AND come home early so that we could actually spend some time together...and have dinner..
  3. which Hubster was making for me!
So yeah...I was beyond the moon happy.  So happy that I wanted to document the amazing meal I was being treated to.  We'll call this meal

Special # 7

To be honest, I don't really know how much of what (and exactly what) went into creating the meal.  These are best guesses

Brown Rice
Some roast pork I think
approximately 3/4 gallons of 93 octane or higher gasoline
Menu for chinese takeout

Present menu.  Indulge your wife as she feigns indecision on what to choose (when really I knew two days ago when I originally planned to get takeout)

hmm...what should I get...oh just tell them the cindie special

Place order.  Use the approximate 3/4 gallons of gas to pick-up order.  *Important* make sure not to dillydally on the way to and from picking up order.

Return home with bag o'goodness to a very excited (and hungry) diner.

I swear I did not change, I took this pic when I first got home from work

Present your meal.  Plate and enjoy!

I had my egg drop soup, egg roll and shrimp egg foo young (apparently I like foods that start with the word 'egg') usual and Hubster had beef and scallions and an egg roll.  I was a wee bit too excited about the food to take a pic of it and this pic <~ was taken after the carnage.  Mmm...I can't wait for tomorrow to have the leftovers for lunch!

*Disclaimer...Hubster for real did offer to cook dinner, but before I knew he was going to be home I had decided that I was going to get takeout this night.  Hubster's a pretty good cook, but where he excels is on the grill and it's not quite grilling season yet.

Oh how I love lazy day dinners.

And, just because she likes making appearances in my posts...
I got to lick the plates! So happy!

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Cindie said...

Holy spumoli...I'm just realizing now how enormous my noggin looks in that first pic! Almost like it was photo-shopped onto my body

Anni said...

Haha, love this post. I just found your blog (yet another awesome outcome of Operation Layla!) and can't wait to keep up with it. Love finding other former WB girls!

Gastronomique33 said...

good stuff, cindie! love it hehe :) you really do like eggs, eh?

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